Tutoring for HSC Success

A Personalised, Adaptive Learning Experience.

PLATO delivers weekly analytics that help students see their strengths and weaknesses to give them the best chance of succeeding in their studies.


What Is PLATO?

Education at its best. One-to-One for optimal achievement.
The Greek philosopher, Plato, founded the world’s first school. The focus was on one-to-one teaching, creating a bespoke learning scheme for each individual; helping them thrive.

A general syllabus drives modern education. Everyone learns the same thing but – in reality – not everyone learns at the same rate.


PLATO Predictive Learning observes how you learn, using algorithms that predict what our teachers should focus on next to maximise achievement; creating a plan that works for the individual.

Let us help you with your HSC.

How It Works

Attend Weekly Classes

HSC help that gets great results. Small groups taught by inspiring teachers.

PLATO observes

PLATO builds a pattern of your learning.

PLATO predicts

PLATO creates a work plan. Just for you.

Optimised Work Plan. Tailored For You

PLATO boosts your grades, with questions tailored to you.
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is the average increase to a Year 12 student's HSC mark after each PLATO session they attend!

Our Classes

  • Personalised HSC tutoring for optimal achievement.
  • Each week you receive a booklet full of questions and resources.
  • Start answering real HSC past questions from as early as Year 7!
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Year 7-10 Maths

Our teachers help you excel. We understand where you struggle, helping you grasp the concept until you succeed.
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Year 11 - 12

Get ahead in your HSC with PLATO monitoring you every step of the way!

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Year 7 - 10 Maths (Accelerated)

Complete your work plan a year early. Optimised study to get you ahead.

A Homework Plan Matched Perfectly To You

Maximise the efficiency of your study time with a homework plan created just for you. Overcome your struggles, and excel in your HSC

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