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PLATO’s patented technology is a world first!

How It Works

Attend Weekly Classes

Classes are taught by inspiring teachers.

PLATO learns more about you each week

PLATO eventually understands exactly how you learn.

Optimised work tailored for you

PLATO will provide you with questions with the highest probability will BOOST your grades.


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Average weekly increase in HSC mark

Classes currently taught

Always check back for new courses being offered!

UCAT Tutoring (coming soon!)

Thinking of studying Medicine or Dentistry? Fear no longer! PLATO can PREDICT your score before your UCAT exam!

Maths Streams

Struggling with a concept? PLATO knows the exact reason why, and can provide you with material from earlier years to get you up to speed!

Accelerated Math Streams

Thinking of finishing Maths before Year 12? PLATO’s patented technology can glide you from Year 7 to Year 12 in less than 6 years! We offer accelerated classes from Year 7 up to Year 12 4U!

Year 7 - 10 Maths

Our teachers will help you become the best student possible! Our teachers are highly paid, young and enthusiastic!

Year 7 - 10 Maths (Accelerated)

Thinking of finishing HSC Maths before Year 12? Let’s do it together! We complete your year and the next year’s work using an optimised study plan to get you ahead!

Year 11 2U

Accelerated stream available (course covers Year 11 2U and Year 12 2U).

Year 11 3U

Accelerated stream available!

(course covers Year 11 3U and Year 12 3U). 

Year 12 2U

ADVANCED stream available.

Year 12 3U

ADVANCED stream available.

Year 12 4U

Our 4U course will push you to become the best you can possibly be!


Do you want to state rank in 4U? Then look no further, you’ve come to the right place.

Students That Trust Us

PLATO is proud to serve students from Australia’s top schools!

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