PLATO Predictive Learning: Powered by AI, delivered by talented teachers.

Mentors and Role Models

  • Our teachers are mentors and role models: inspiring, motivating, and driving success in young people.
  • Our mentors are approachable, friendly, helpful, and focus on ensuring PLATO students maximise their potential in the HSC.
  • Our teachers are PhD and Masters qualified, and students who have achieved the very top grades in their HSCs. They know exactly how to ace the tests and prepare for the exams.
  • Our academic team are experts in simplifying the trickiest of concepts

We Know The HSC

  • Our teachers know the HSC system inside and out.
  • And, in partnership with our AI engine, we create a bespoke system of study; unique to every child.
  • Every child learns differently. Every child learns at different speeds. PLATO AI observes and predicts an optimal approach to delivering results.
  • Our academic team provide the human touch with all the support a child could ever need.

Passion for Teaching Comes First

Our academic staff are effective communicators and reliable leaders, giving every child the maximum opportunity to excel, progress, and achieve.

Does this sound like you?

If so, we want you to join the PLATO academic team.

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