PLATO is personalised mathematics tutoring. We track your weekly hand-written homework using our computer systems, and provide you with personalised homework each week. We monitor you every step of the way on your learning journey!

What is the homework system at PLATO?

There are threes ways to experience homework at PLATO:

1. School homework path:

If you can provide us with your schools termly (or yearly) topic schedule (sometimes called a ‘scope and sequence’), then we can automatically adjust your weekly homework each week so you cover the same topics at school. This is recommended for students who feel like the pace of content delivered at school is a good level for them, and wish to supplement their school work with aditional exam-style questions.

2. Exam homework path:

If you can tell us which topics will be in your upcoming exams, then we can create a customised homework plan that will get you ready for your exam! For example, if your exam is in 6-weeks from now, and you know which topics are in your exam, then we can create a tailored 6-week plan to get you ready for your exam! This is recommended for students in Years 11 and 12.

3. PLATO homework path:

Don’t have your school’s scope and sequence? Don’t have an exam, or maybe you want us to prescribe homework based on your mistakes from previous weeks? Then let us decide what you should work on next! The PLATO homework plan means our systems will determine what you need to focus on based on the mistakes you’ve made in your homework. This is the default option for all students who do not choose their own plan.

Students can only be on one plan at a time. If you have signed up to multiple plans the School homework path will be selected first, followed by the Exam homework plan. If no plan is selected, then you are automatically put onto the PLATO homework plan by default.