our story

founder of plato

Dr. Andrew Phillip

Lecturer and Co-Ordinator at the University of Sydney

Dr. Andrew Phillip begun his tertiary education at the University of New South Wales, where he was a Co-Op scholar in Acturial Studies, applying mathematical and statistical methods to risk assesment theory.

Andrew’s interest in statistical analysis made him an attractive proposition for the banking sector. He was one of three people selected from more than three thousand candidates to work for AMP capital, where he managed funds of over $300M.

Keen to develop his portfolio of skills, Andrew returned to his studies to complete an MSc in Mathematics. Buoyed by his Honors Class 1 grade, he decided to pursue an academic career at the University of Sydney, where he studied towards a PhD in Mathematics.

Within months of starting his PhD, Andrew was offered a Postgraduate Teaching Fellowship. This honor is generally reserved for PhD students in their second year of research.

After receiving exemplary appraisals from his students, Andrew realized that education was his calling.

Andrew’s PhD research was widely recognized as ground-breaking: predicting the future volatility of Bitcoin. It was so acclaimed that he published four papers; one of which is now viral with over one hundred citations. You can read all of our research here.

Andrew submitted his PhD in exactly three years, and remained at the University of Sydney where he is currently a co-ordinator and lecturer in the School of Mathematics and Statistics for their Masters delivery.

Andrew works with over one thousand students each semester and manages over fifty tutors in the school.