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Learning Re-Learned.

Are you struggling to keep up at school? Perhaps classes aren’t moving fast enough for you? Maybe your class is too big, and you don’t get a lot of attention in class?

Schools deliver a one-size-fits-all solution. But the problem with that approach is that we’re all individuals: we all learn in different ways.

It’s not the fault of your teacher or your school – it’s just the way it is.

That’s why we developed PLATO – Predictive Learning And Teaching Optimisation.

Learning: Back To Its Roots

PLATO – the Greek philosopher – was the founder of the education system. We’re talking 347 BC, here. He created The Academy, and it was based on one-to-one learning. You spent time with your teachers and, together, you developed your strengths.

Modern schools use the “Factory Model” of education: developed to instil discipline rather than educate. No more individual attention, no specific learning plans, no more identifying and developing your strengths.

We don’t think that’s how it should be. Students are missing out on a great learning experience.And we wanted to change that.

PLATO - A Radical Approach

While there are lots of educational approaches practised around the world, none are quite as radical as PLATO – our AI-based learning tool, bringing personalisation back to the learning experience.
  • PLATO helps us give you the individual attention that modern education is failing to provide. Education Squared: Back to its roots.
  • PLATO understands your strengths and your challenges and understands when you’re ready to move on.
  • But: It doesn’t stop there.
  • PLATO learns how you learn; helping your achievement skyrocket.

How Does It Work?

Dr Andrew Philip (AP) is an expert in statistics and a lecturer at The University of Sydney.

  • He started out working in the financial markets, driven by an understanding of statistics and prediction probability. Earning money was fun, of course, but, after some years, he decided that he wanted to help people learn.
  • He recognised that a lot of students were struggling with their studies. He figured that learning was a lot like financial markets: it requires prediction based on statistics.
  • So he created an algorithm that learns how you learn. It recognises your strengths and your challenges and knows precisely what to introduce next so that your learning is super-efficient. And quick.
  • PLATO supercharges your learning in a way that standard classroom teaching fails to do. It creates a learning plan that plays to your strengths, helping you develop in the areas that you find tough.

The Process​

PLATO analyses your answers and searches and performs sophisticated statistical analysis. It’s designed so that you can excel in the new syllabus – PLATO bridges the gaps in your knowledge; helping you find your best possible answers.


And the more you work with PLATO, the more thoroughly it understands you; giving you the best support possible. Just like Plato and his one-to-ones.

What Are You Waiting For? Experience it today!